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We continue to search for a Program Director, if anyone would be willing to join our team, please Contact Us.  Our President is also serving as Program Director while we continue to search for a volunteer.  
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October Remote Presentation

Welcome Ted Holt
 SQL Tips:  Something for Everybody!

SQL dominates data access
in the world of business computing.  It runs on many platforms through many interfaces and accesses many database management systems.

No matter how much you know about SQL, there's always more to learn.  In this session, Ted Holt presents an assortment of powerful, effective, and easily implemented SQL tips and techniques.

These tips and techniques are based on DB2 for i, but many of them apply equally to other platforms.  There's something for everyone, from the SQL novice to the advanced user.  Come learn some new techniques and reacquaint yourself with some you may have forgotten.
Ted Holt is a Senior Software Developer with Profound Logic Software, A provider of modernization solutions for the IBM i world.  He has worked within the information technology industry since 1981, primarily with IBM midrange computers.  His industry experience includes the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and wholesale.  He holds a master's degree in computer science from the University of Southern Mississippi and has taught in community colleges, universities, and vocational/technical schools.

Ted is the author of several books on programming topics, including OpenQuery File Magic!, Complete CL, Power CL Qshell for iSeries and the MC Press Encyclopedia of Tips, Techniques, and Programming Practices for iSeries and AS/400.  He is a regular speaker for the RPG and DB2 Summit and serves as technical editor and writer for Four Hundred Guru, a technical newsletter published by itjungle. com
Lunch 12:00 - 1:00
Presentation begin at 1:00
Please join us at Spazio's for our October meeting.  To register for the event RSVP by noon on October 5th.  Free to members and $25 for extra attendees from member companies and $40 for non-members.

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