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 Welcome Mike Schambureck

 May Remote Presentation
IBM i Virtualization and Open Storage Options

  12:00 - Luncheon
  1:00 - IBM i Virtualization and Open Storage Options

Recent releases of IBM i have been adding more virtualization options for the end users. IBM i can host Windows servers, VMware, x86 and Power Linux, AIX and other IBM i partitions. The list of Storage Area Networks (SANs) that IBM i can attach to has grown by using the Virtual IO Server to host IBM i, and more recently, through direct attachment to IBM i. This presentation will go into those options and what it takes to configure some of them.

Mike Schambureck works for IBM Lab Services out of Rochester, MN. He has been working on virtualization techniques on IBM i for the last 10 years including integrated servers, POWER blade servers, mid-range SANs and POWER compute nodes in the PureFlex chassis. He installs the hardware, software, does configuration and education for IBM clients. He has also presented at technical conferences.  

Please join us at Spazio's for our May meeting. To register for the event RSVP by noon on May 5th. Free to members and $25 for extra attendees from member companies and $40 for non-members.

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