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We continue to search for a Program Director, if anyone would be willing to join our team, please Contact Us.  Our President is also serving as Program Director while we continue to search for a volunteer.  
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 May Remote Presentation

 Welcome Mark Olson
  Power Systems
Power I/O Update and Directions
Power Systems Hardware
Lunch 12:00 - 1:00
Power Systems -  1:00  - 3:30
POWER technology and Power Systems overview:
This session provides a look at IBM Power Systems POWER chip technology and roadmap and then maps it to how IBM rolls out different generations and different models of Power Servers. The focus will be on POWER8 chips and servers, but will also organize it in such a way that future servers might be predicted by the audience.

Power I/O Update and Directions:
This session focuses on I/O which is ordered as part of a Power System. It doesn't include I/O ordered separately such as tape libraries, SANs, switches. After the trends and directions, recent I/O announcements will be covered including the very recent April 12th announcement.

Mark Olson is a World Wide Product Offering Manager located in Rochester, Minnesota.  Mark is heavily involved with the definition and refinement of future Power Systems hardware products and the education of customers, IBMers, and IBM Business Partner sales personnel on recent Power Systems announcements. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and briefings. Mark has an extensive history with product planning and announcements of Power Systems and their predecessor products.   

Please join us at Spazio's for our May meeting.  To register for the event RSVP by noon on May 9th.  Free to members and $25 for extra attendees from member companies and $40 for non-members.

Gateway/400 members - if you cannot attend, but would like to join us via remote, sign up here for a Remote RSVP.  Details will follow.

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