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We continue to search for a Program Director, if anyone would be willing to join our team, please Contact Us.  Our President is also serving as Program Director while we continue to search for a volunteer.  
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September Remote Presentation

 Welcome Steve Will
  IBM i 7.3 Overview  
Lunch 12:00 - 1:00
IBM i 7.3 Overview 1:00  - 3:30
You’ve heard that IBM i has a new release. Now come hear an overview of the capabilities from Steve Will, Chief Architect of the operating system. From major enhancements to DB2 which allow Simplifying Insight into your data, to significant changes throughout the operating system to allow Intelligent Security; from key enhancements in open source to new storage options; from performance analysis to being able to answer business questions with integrated SQL analytics, the 7.3 release has tremendous integrated power. He will also talk about some of the major features which were delivered after 7.2 which are now contained in the base 7.3 release.
Steve Will is the Chief Architect for the IBM i operating system. Steve has worked on IBM i and its predecessors since before the creation of the AS/400, and is currently responsible for setting the strategy of the IBM i operating system, as well as deciding which enhancements will be implemented. He is an award-winning speaker, author of the “Top IBM i Blog” ("You and i" - http://ibmsystemsmag.com/Blogs/You-and-i/), and is one of the most sought-after voices at customer briefings and events.

Please join us at Spazio's for our September meeting.  To register for the event RSVP by noon on September 6th.  Free to members and $25 for extra attendees from member companies and $40 for non-members.

Gateway/400 members - if you cannot attend, but would like to join us via remote, sign up here for a Remote RSVP.  Details will follow.

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